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Multifactor Authentication

As the enterprise workforce has become more mobile and the enterprise network more distributed, breaches to Internet security have occurred with greater frequency. Enterprises that have traditionally relied on usernames and passwords for user identification have increasingly turned to multifactor authentication to provide greater protection against a variety of threats.


Multifactor authentication requires users to prove their identities using some combination of three factors: something they know (a password or PIN), something they have (a smart card or token), and some attribute they possess (a fingerprint or retinal scan). When properly designed and implemented, multifactor authentication methods can provide greater protection against breaches with minimal impact on users. When companies worldwide seek market-leading multifactor authentication solutions, they turn to Entrust.


To aid multifactor authentication deployments, Entrust provides token authentication and smartcard solutions for desktop applications. Entrust supports a wide variety of industry smartcards through integration with Entrust Authority Security Manager PKI. And Entrust USB Tokens are designed to securely store a user's digital identity for a comprehensive, scalable approach to multifactor authentication.


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