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Increased data accountability and increasing IT complexity require a new approach to securing data. Customers, business partners, and regulatory bodies are requesting higher levels of security for sensitive information.


The PGP® Platform reduces the complexities of protecting business data by enabling organizations to deploy and manage multiple encryption applications cost effectively from a single management console. When the organization needs additional encryption applications, the PGP Platform makes installing another, separate infrastructure unnecessary because the infrastructure was deployed with the first PGP® encryption application.


The PGP Platform provides a strategic enterprise encryption framework for shared user and key management, policy, and provisioning that is automated across multiple, integrated encryption applications. Integrated PGP Corporation and third-party encryption applications enable organizations to deploy automated encryption as needed, with the data security functions required to solve the business requirement. This data-centric approach protects data in motion and in transit anywhere, anytime.


Enabling Proactive Encryption Strategies


Businesses worldwide are increasingly dependent on IT to accelerate growth and profitability. At the same time, enterprises must address evolving compliance requirements, secure intellectual property globally, and protect brand equity in an era of costly, embarrassing data security breaches. The PGP Platform enables organizations to address immediate needs and continue to proactively deploy encryption applications without burdening administrators with multiple interfaces or distracting end users with new training requirements. This approach enables IT to develop a proactive encryption strategy to mitigate risks before they affect operations or threaten the corporate brand and reputation.


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